The MacDonald & Owen COVID-19 Response

Once the world became aware of COVID-19, it became apparent to all that it would not be a question of if the virus would impact people and businesses here in the United States, but rather how significantly would the impact be felt?

At a very early stage of the global spread of this virus, MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company adopted CDC-recommended hygiene and sanitization preventative measures at all five of our locations. We tasked the general manager of each facility to identify contingency plans should they have to shut down a section of their facility.  The intent was to minimize disruption to our operations and our customers.

We communicated to all employees to keep everyone informed thus alleviating any concerns our people might have. The focal point was a daily Contingency Response meeting with appropriate decision-makers and general managers. We exercised our ability to have the entire corporate staff work remotely. 

I am proud of how our Mac Donald and Owen leadership leaned into this current challenge without panic. No one follows a panicking leader. Leadership is tested in crucibles of difficulties like these.

David Twite, Owner

Before the reality of COVID-19 hit the United States in full force, the company had already positioned itself in a strong financial position to weather any uncertainty. 

It is the belief of many at MacDonald & Owen that the market disruptions of the past 18 months have prepared us for current market challenges.  We were already operating fairly lean and practicing certain thought processes which has made it much easier this time around. Being in a strong financial position and with a healthy inventory level meant we did not have to panic.

In the last year, we realigned our teams and departments and focused on cross-training, allowing us to be flexible. Our diversified product range and services continue to generate income as certain segments of the market become disrupted. 

MacDonald & Owen remains committed  to serving the needs of our customers no matter what challenges are thrown our way.