The Legend of Mao

In today’s global economy the thought of not participating in the export market is almost unimaginable. In fact you would be hard pressed to find any producer of kiln dried lumber that does not directly or indirectly send their product overseas. 

This year, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company. Remarkably it was not until the purchase of the PW Hardwoods Company in 2010, now known as our Brookville, PA facility did the company ship its first container overseas. While there were several decent markets in Europe that were well establish, the biggest and most daunting challenge was the China market. 

Adam Hyer, then Director of International Sales, felt we would need to work with someone we can trust and someone who will do right by our company to succeed in this new market. 

We are so thankful that Adam was able to convince Frank Mao to join the M&O team. Frank has been an integral part of the success and growth of our company in recent years and a very welcome addition to the M&O family. 

“I like customers always providing positive feedback of our lumber every time.”

– Frank Mao

Over the years, the China market has been very good to our company. Frank has been able to cultivate several strong relationships that are instrumental in growing our overall sales volumes. However, in recent years the U.S – China trade dispute placed a great deal of strain on businesses in both countries. Navigating these tensions is what Frank considers to have been his greatest challenge of his professional career. 

With the trade dispute finally in a state of decline Frank is looking forward to again exceeding his sales targets, further developing relationships with core customers, and continuing to promote the MacDonald & Owen and Emerald Lumber brands throughout China.