MacDonald & Owen Welcome Jenny Le to the U.S

MacDonald & Owen Welcome Jenny Le to the U.S 1
MacDonald & Owen Welcome Jenny Le to the U.S 2

Creating and maintaining an engaged, family-like atmosphere has been a key objective for MacDonald & Owen since it was founded in 1968. While employees at our U.S. locations regularly have time to connect with one another through company picnics and weekly activities, connecting with our overseas employees requires a little more intentionality.  

In May, we were privileged to welcome Jenny Le, our Vietnamese sales representative, to the U.S. During her trip, Jenny visited all four M&O locations, familiarized herself with different M&O products, and met with facility managers and graders at each location to thoroughly communicate customers’ expectations. She also visited with key kiln dried producers to ensure that the quality of lumber received by her customers would be consistent. Another priority during Jenny’s trip was to introduce her to several M&O employees. Although Jenny has been working for M&O for nearly 5 months, this was the first time many employees were able to interact with her without using a computer screen. After getting to know Jenny and her husband over a hearty meal of American BBQ, Jenny led a group presentation highlighting how we can work together to better establish our presence in the highly competitive Vietnamese market.

We’re eager to see how we will be better able to serve and meet the needs of our Vietnamese customers through this trip!