Hardwood Lumber

Kiln Dried Lumber

MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company stocks all the major species of Northern and Appalachian domestic hardwoods as well as imported lumber sourced from areas known throughout the world for producing the best color, texture and quality. 

In addition to producing NHLA grades in standard thicknesses from 4/4 to 8/4, we offer additional manufacturing services to increase optimal yield for our customers, including: 

  • Width Sorting 
  • Length Sorting 
  • Color Sorting 
  • Customer-Specific Proprietary Grades 
  • Custom Surfacing 
  • Straight-Line Ripping
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Thermal modification uses heat to remove organic compounds from the wood cells, so it will not absorb water, expand, contract, or provide nourishment for insects or fungi. The high heat produces a naturally durable wood that is permanently resistant to water, insects, and decay. Because the wood is not absorbing chemicals to be treated, but rather removing moisture, the wood is lightweight.

Thermally modified lumber is dimensionally stable because it is less susceptible to cupping and warping. The wood has increased heat resistance and weather resistance as well. When properly maintained, it will not chip, rot, or warp over the years. After treatment this product will be suitable for decking, siding as well as interior and exterior joinery applications.

Available species:

  • Ash
  • Poplar
  • Red Oak
  • Soft Maple
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Green-on-Lathe Lumber

Our Green-on-Lathe lumber program offers our customers the flexibility to use the lumber at a variety of moisture contents. We provide green-on-lathe lumber in Red Oak, White Oak and Ash. Standard thicknesses include 8/4, 10/4, and 12/4. Units are packaged according to export standards. 

Aromatic Red Cedar Cants

Our Aromatic Red Cedar cants are produced in random widths and thicknesses so that the customer can break down into lumber to for their desired manufacturing specifications.  

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