Big changes ahead at MacDonald & Owen

MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company is excited to announce the expansion of our Luck, Wisconsin, and Brookville, PA, locations.  Lumber processing equipment, like a rip line and pack saw, are being reallocated from the Sparta location to our northern Wisconsin and Pennsylvania facilities to better serve more of the industry.  We are investing in both facilities by adding new equipment, upgrading existing structures, and expanding storage space. 

We remain committed to the Sparta customer base by providing better and more cost-effective service from the Luck facilityBig changes ahead at MacDonald & Owen 1 and many of our highly-skilled Sparta operations team will join the teams in either Luck or Brookville.

Additionally, MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company is relocating our support staff under one roof in the West Salem, WI, corporate office, creating a faster and more efficient workflow and customer service. This strategic move out of Sparta’s leased facility to our own facilities has been a potential course of action for many years.  It provides better operational alignment and significant cost savings, placing lumber processing in the same locations as production.

The transition is already underway and will be complete by the end of 2019.  We look forward to the opportunities this expansion will provide in achieving increasing levels of speed, accuracy, growth, and profitability for the benefit of our customers, vendors, employees, and owners. 

Stay tuned for updates!