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The year was 1970, and MacDonald & Owen Veneer & Lumber Co., Inc was the dream that turned into a reality. 

With an already-accomplished career in the hardwood industry, Archie MacDonald founded the company that bears his name with the intention of being different than other lumber companies he would be competing with. 

High-quality and unbelievable service were foundational concepts that Archie built his company upon and these are ideals that still drive MacDonald & Owen today. “Profits will come if you just do it right” is a quote that still rings in the hearts of MacDonald & Owen’s employees and continues to dictate all business transactions with the company’s customers and vendors alike. 

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In 2001, after over 30 years as president of MacDonald & Owen Veneer & Lumber Co., Inc., Archie MacDonald passed full ownership of the company to its current owner, David Twite. David has been president & owner of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company for 15 years and, in that time, the company has seen much change and growth. The first, and perhaps most monumental change, was the expansion of MacDonald & Owen through the 2010 acquisition of a concentration yard in central Pennsylvania. Four years later, in the spring of 2014, MacDonald & Owen expanded again with the addition of a concentration yard in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Most recently, MacDonald & Owen has also added a facility in its home state of Wisconsin. The newest concentration yard in Luck, WI was acquired in October of 2015 and demonstrates again the growth and viability of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company under Twite’s leadership.

Despite much change and rapid growth from 2001 to the present, MacDonald & Owen has maintained its early ideals. High-quality lumber delivered with unbelievable service is what makes MacDonald & Owen capable of consistently delivering “Hardwoods Done Right.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure our team thrives in business and in life.


MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company is certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood Standards. We can offer a variety of products and species with FSC® claims. Ask us today about availability and refer to the www.fsc.org for more details. 

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