A Trip to the UK to kick off 2016

Sales Representatives Erik Skjervem and Adam Hyer crossed the mighty Atlantic in late January of 2016 to connect with our UK customer base as well as explore strategic growth areas within the UK. As business capacity and supply options have increased for MacDonald & Owen Lumber over the course of recent years, we have been intentional about re-connecting and making new connections in marketplaces around the globe—the UK is one of those markets.

While Erik & Adam travelled throughout the UK, they found the people to be incredibly hospitable and welcoming. They are excited UK visitabout opportunities to grow business with the customers they met, and they look forward to growing partnerships with the new customers they encountered.

MacDonald & Owen Lumber Co. sends representatives outside of the borders of the United States quite regularly as we recognize that sometimes business is best done face-to-face with our customers. If you have an interest in meeting with one of our sales representatives during one of their upcoming trips outside of the U.S., please connect with us so that we can coordinate that opportunity. It would be our pleasure to meet you to see how a partnership between MacDonald & Owen and your hardwood lumber company could be mutually beneficial. Contact one of our sales representatives today at: exportsales@hardwoodlumber.net.