15+ Years in the Lumber Biz

D_147As of January 2016, General Manager of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, Clint West, will be beginning his 18th year in the hardwood lumber business. Clint started at MacDonald & Owen straight out of college as an unpaid intern. The challenge laid in front of him by long-time mentor, friend, and owner of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, David Twite, was to blaze a trail for himself. Twite challenged his young, new intern to work the phones and treat his customers with respect & fervor. Clint took that challenge and ran with it. Over the course of the last decade, with Clint at the center of the company’s growth and vision casting, MacDonald & Owen has seen much change. Three locations have been added, employee head count has doubled, and MacDonald & Owen’s international presence has gone from none to 20% of its overall business in 2015.  With a new year ahead, Clint has plans to continue to grow MacDonald & Owen’s market share and to continue to meet customers’ need with respect & fervor. If MacDonald & Owen can meet your lumber needs in 2016, please reach out to us. Clint and the crew he has helped assemble over the course of the last 15+ years would be thrilled to partner with you. Call today at 800-657-6990 or email us at exportsales@hardwoodlumber.net or domesticsales@hardwoodlumber.net.