Inspirational Leadership

Current and former employees of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company alike know one thing for sure about the president and owner of MacDonald & Owen–David Twite cares about them. When a new employee joins the ranks of MacDonald & Owen, an employee profile is created to highlight the new employee’s personal interests, family details, and path to M&O. These employee profiles, which includes a picture of the individual, are shared with David so that he knows who is serving his company no matter whether they work under the same roof as he does in Sparta, WI or if they work in PA, KY or northern WI. David wants to know the names and faces of his team. He wants to take an interest in them. He wants to understand their background and future goals.

davidConsidering David’s unique approach to leadership as the president and owner of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, it is no wonder he was asked to speak on the topic of Inspirational Leadership at the Excellence in Leadership Seminar & Luncheon in early October. This seminar will be hosted in Oshkosh, WI and will be attended by business leaders from across the state. David will speak to attendees of this seminar about what Inspirational Leadership looks like on a day-to-day, practical basis. He will share stories of how he and his leadership team at MacDonald & Owen are strategic about the leadership of their teams. The seminar will also feature a recently-made video of M&O employees who speak to the inspirational culture of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company.

Inspirational leadership is not something that every business leader can personify. Fortunately for the employees, customers and vendors of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, David Twite does. Excellent leadership is one of a handful of attributes that make M&O a great place to work and a great place to do business. We aim for inspirational in all that we do–it’s what drives us. And, fortunately, David provides a great example to follow.


On the INC5000 List Again!

While bragginINC50002016g isn’t our style here at MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, celebrating is. This month, we are celebrating our recognition by INC Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the U.S. for the FIFTH time. It is estimated by The Wall Street Journal that there are about 25 million private and closely-held businesses in America.  To be named one of the top 5000 fastest growing companies in 2015 is quite an accomplishment and one that we are celebrating whole-heartedly. MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company has seen growth in market share and sales volume year-over-year for nearly a decade. This growth, at times, can be hectic and challenging. But, an honor like the INC 5000 list makes it all worthwhile. We know that we are reaching more customers with top-notch service and world-class products than ever before. As we partner with our customers here in the U.S. and across the globe, we aim to help them grow as companies as well. It’s an exciting venture to be a part of. We are always looking for more customers to serve and supply with stellar hardwood lumber. Contact a member of our sales team today if we can take a shot at meeting your needs. Contact info is:  or

Lights, Camera, Action!

Featured Video Play Icon

As a hardwood lumber company that strives to be seen as a leader in our industry, we are thrilled to roll out our new MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company promotional video which highlights what sets us apart. This recently-created video will be launched via our website and social media sites as we strive to communicate who we are here at MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company to our customers, vendors & even to our competition. The video shows footage of our facilities, our owner, and our greatest commodity—our people. The message of the video is clear. We care about what we do and we work tirelessly to do it right. While our company keeps changing and evolving and as our headcount grows and expands to new zip codes, one thing has remained constant: MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company is Hardwoods Done Right! If you’d like to talk about what you learned about MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company by viewing our new video, please contact us today via phone at 800-657-6990 or via email at


MacDonald & Owen – Hardwoods Done Right from Justin McGrath – Higher Concept on Vimeo.

See You in Atlanta

At MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, we aspire to grow our presence in the hardwood lumber industry. A strategy we have identified to help us achieve this D_171objective is to be present at notable industry trade shows. One of the trade shows we are most excited about is the IWF show in Atlanta, Georgia between the dates of August 24th and 27th. We will have four sales representatives at the trade show to meet and greet current and potential customers. We look forward to sharing about products and services MacDonald & Owen can offer its customers. If you find yourself at the IWF show, please make your way over to booth #4137. We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about how MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company can serve you. See you in Atlanta!


A Record Breaking Month!

D_009Each day of business offers the opportunity for MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company to serve our customers, improve our products, and sell more boards. As our team of 100+ employees looks back at April, we are celebrating a month in which we accomplished these objectives at a greater volume than ever before. April was a record-breaking month for M&O. We sold more lumber than we have ever sold before, and we had fun doing it! In order to keep up with the explosive growth our company is seeing here in 2016, we have added staff at all levels, we have improved processes, and we are working long hours. But, we are glad to do it as we strive to meet the needs of our customers old and new. If you are a customer of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, we thank you for helping us have our best sales month ever in April of 2016. If you are a potential customer, we urge you to give us a call today. We’d love to add you to our list of happy customers. Contact a sales representative today at

The Month of March for M&O

March was a busy month for MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company.  Among all the many travels of our sales team, International Sales Director, Adam Hyer, Director of Asia Sales, Patrick McBride, and Sales Representatives Frank Mao and Chi Linh all met in Guangzhou, China for the Interzum Wood Show.

The Interzum Wood Show is Asia’s largest and most highly influential production and woodworking trade fair. The show came to a close on March 31,, 2016 with another record year in the books. The show consisted of 1,243 exhibiting companies including 26% of those companies being from 38 different countries and regions. With some 67,000 visitors, more than 100 countries and regions made an appearance at the event. Why send our employees all the way to China for a four day event you ask? Well, as CIFM states, “Interzum Guangzhou is a ‘one-stop’ sourcing platform for the entire furniture and wood production industry.”

MacDonald & Owen Lumber Co. is always pleased to work with new customers. If you have any interest in connecting with our International Sales Team or any of our Sales Representatives either in the U.S. or internationally, please do not hesitate to connect with us. Contact one of our sales representatives today at:

FSC Certification Expanded

As a company, MacDonald & Owen is committed to sustainability. For many years, our company has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as a supplier of hardwood lumber products that carry the FSC certification. In recent years, this certification has been li_MG_6737mited to the distribution of FSC certified products. In February of 2016, MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company expanded its certification such that we are now certified as FSC manufacturers of products out of our Sparta, WI facility. We are able to rip, plane, sand, gang rip and sort FSC lumber at this facility. We are also able to distribute hardwood lumber products to our customers to meet their needs for responsibly harvested hardwood lumber. If you are looking for FSC certified material, please contact a member of our sales team today. They would be thrilled to serve you in this way. We can be reached via the phone at 800-657-6990 or via email at


Each month, MacDonald & Owen focuses on one of our company’s ten Core Principles. These Core Principles define who we are and how we conduct ourselves as a company. In the month of February, our focus is on the following Core Principle:

We do hardwoods right. Meeting our customers’ needs in terms of quality & timeline sets us apart.D_015

As a company, we are celebrating some recent recognition from a long-time customer who evaluates their suppliers on an annual basis. In their most recent evaluation, we are thrilled to share that MacDonald & Owen Lumber Co. received a rating of Excellent–their highest rating. We received this enviable rating because of our attention to quality and because: We do hardwoods right! If we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations, please contact a member of our sales team today at either or 800-657-6990.

A Trip to the UK to kick off 2016

Sales Representatives Erik Skjervem and Adam Hyer crossed the mighty Atlantic in late January of 2016 to connect with our UK customer base as well as explore strategic growth areas within the UK. As business capacity and supply options have increased for MacDonald & Owen Lumber over the course of recent years, we have been intentional about re-connecting and making new connections in marketplaces around the globe—the UK is one of those markets.

While Erik & Adam travelled throughout the UK, they found the people to be incredibly hospitable and welcoming. They are excited UK visitabout opportunities to grow business with the customers they met, and they look forward to growing partnerships with the new customers they encountered.

MacDonald & Owen Lumber Co. sends representatives outside of the borders of the United States quite regularly as we recognize that sometimes business is best done face-to-face with our customers. If you have an interest in meeting with one of our sales representatives during one of their upcoming trips outside of the U.S., please connect with us so that we can coordinate that opportunity. It would be our pleasure to meet you to see how a partnership between MacDonald & Owen and your hardwood lumber company could be mutually beneficial. Contact one of our sales representatives today at:

15+ Years in the Lumber Biz

D_147As of January 2016, General Manager of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, Clint West, will be beginning his 18th year in the hardwood lumber business. Clint started at MacDonald & Owen straight out of college as an unpaid intern. The challenge laid in front of him by long-time mentor, friend, and owner of MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company, David Twite, was to blaze a trail for himself. Twite challenged his young, new intern to work the phones and treat his customers with respect & fervor. Clint took that challenge and ran with it. Over the course of the last decade, with Clint at the center of the company’s growth and vision casting, MacDonald & Owen has seen much change. Three locations have been added, employee head count has doubled, and MacDonald & Owen’s international presence has gone from none to 20% of its overall business in 2015.  With a new year ahead, Clint has plans to continue to grow MacDonald & Owen’s market share and to continue to meet customers’ need with respect & fervor. If MacDonald & Owen can meet your lumber needs in 2016, please reach out to us. Clint and the crew he has helped assemble over the course of the last 15+ years would be thrilled to partner with you. Call today at 800-657-6990 or email us at or