Luck, WI

7356_Luck230 Duncan Street
Luck, Wisconsin 54853

TEL: (+1) 715.472.7300
TOLL FREE: 1.800.657.6990
FAX: (+1) 608.269.4418

  • Located in the heart of the northern forests of Wisconsin, the region is known for fine grained, even textured hardwood
  • Incoming stock is always inspected and accurately stickered to keep the lumber flat and straight
  • The 500,000’ bm pre-dryer keeps lumber clean and free of weather checking
  • 8 modern aluminum kilns with high-speed fans and extra heat coils prevents discoloration/stain and keeps sapwood bright
  • Produces over 11 million board feet of kiln dried product annually
  • Acquired by MacDonald & Owen summer of 2015
  • Offers standard H&M services, as well as SLR1E, Gang Ripping, Finish Surfacing, Special Sorts and Export Preparation
  • All hardwood lumber produced here is graded in accordance with NHLA lumber grading rules

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