IMG_0421May of 2012 will be remembered as our month of big projects! We recently gutted our green grading line and expanded our KD grading line. We tore out our old trim saw and installed a USNR drop trimmer with 10 saws on the green line. At the same time we put installed an Omega board dealer and a Lucidyne grade mark reader on the green line. The Lucidyne system tallies every board for width and length, and gives a full grade report to allow us to qualify all of our green lumber suppliers. As if that was not enough of a project, we installed a tilt hoist on our kiln dried grading line along with extending the pull chain by 52 feet bringing the length of the pilling chain to a total of 120 feet long. We have had both lines back up and running for a few weeks now and we are pleased with the increased speed, efficiency and accuracy that we have gained.